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47. Boaz wakes up with Ruth at his feet, 1960; Original Lithograph from the Bible suite from  VERVE 37/38 summer 1960 - Unnumbered edition; 14" X 11" 

3020. Mother and Child in Front of Notre Dame 1953; Original doublesided lithograph (verso in black and white) from VERVE 27/28. Edition of 6000  Unsigned and unnumbered edition. Printed by Mourlot. Ref: Cramer 23 ; Mourlot 82  14" X 11"

3049. Swan Lake, 1965;Color lithograph  Unsigned and unnumbered edition. Printed by Mourlot.  12.5/8" X 9.1/5"  Refer: The Ceiling of the Paris Opera  

Lithographs  by Marc Chagall

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